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Métier – noun – a field of work or other activity in which one has special ability or training; forte

7 out of 10 individuals who are blind or visually impaired are unemployed 

​Métier Services, Incorporated believes everyone should be able to work regardless of their ability to see. We strive to reduce the unemployment statistics for the blind and visually impaired community through innovative programs and training aimed at increasing opportunities for economic and personal independence.


Métier’s programing enables access to a variety of services for individuals who are blind, visually impaired or DeafBlind to include; assistive technology training, and support services provision to aid in reaching independent employment goals.

Keyboarding and Computers, I
Keyboarding and Computers I (KCI) is an introductory level course. KCI provides students with sound fundamentals in keyboarding, computer terminology and an understanding of Assistive Technology (AT) capabilities, including; how to adjust basic AT settings and how to describe their AT and AT needs to a non-technical person. Each class incorporates instruction, hands-on exercises and lab time for supported study and independent practice. This course prepares students for Keyboarding and Computers II.

Keyboarding and Computing, II
Keyboarding and Computers II (KCII) builds upon the fundamentals learned in Keyboarding and Computers I, preparing students for both Signature and AccelerATe courses by reinforcing confidence and accuracy through various exercises, projects and speed tests.
Students apply skills learned from the KCI class while working on speed, accuracy, and efficiency while also learning text navigation, text selection, Cut, Copy, Paste, basic formatting in Word, basic Outlook functions and basic internet navigation. Each class incorporates instruction, hands-on exercises, and lab time for supported study and independent practice.

​AccelerATe I:
AccelerATe I provides intensive instruction to students in specific topics in the following Microsoft Office products (MS Word, MS Outlook and MS Excel), topics in the use and troubleshooting of their AT and computer system, Internet browsing and Windows concepts. Instructors employ a variety of teaching techniques assisting students in retaining the maximum amount of information from the course including self-study, individual projects and instructor led lectures. Exercises and projects are designed to simulate the pace and format of the modern office with an emphasis on speed of execution and accuracy. Each assigned project builds on the previous project to reinforce concepts. In the final week of the program, students are expected to produce a final project that requires them to apply their cumulative knowledge.

AccelerATe II
AccelerATe II further expands the students’ knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite introduced in AccelerATe I with the addition of Microsoft PowerPoint and projects that increase in complexity with less overall guidance. Intensive training on AT and general computer system troubleshooting is emphasized. Exercises and projects in AccelerATe II continue the method of instruction and training via simulation of the modern office. Each assigned project builds on the one before it, reinforcing concepts. The courses’ final project is designed to exemplify proficiency in the multitude of concepts taught throughout the course - utilizing each application in the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint).

Metier provides a comprehensive education program for individuals of all ages.

Our educational services include:

Individual AT Training
Workplace Readiness Training
Group AT Training
Transition Program
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We exist to promote independence 

We are a team who believes blindness and visual impairments should not impact employment. We believe all individuals should have access to training programs aimed at promoting skills required for economic and personal independence. Learn what we're doing to make a positive impact within the blind community. 

Metier is committed to the communities we serve. We partner with community and advocacy groups and provide community support whenever possible. 

Our community services include:

Learning and Share Sessions
Service Coordination
Sports and Recreation
​Support Groups



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